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 India DFE MP Distribution Project Gave Expert Lecture in the Famous Institute as Invited
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On March 26th 2015, as invited by India’s famous Electrical Engineering Institute named as Oriental Institute of Science & Technology, DFE MP Distribution Project gave Expert Lecture about SCADA/DMS/RTU to the Electrical and Electronic Engineering teachers and students.

During the lecture, we introduced India DFE MP Distribution Project general overview and specific implementation situation, completely expounded whole SCADA/DMS System, master station function & structure, and RTU function principles & site implementation situation. Indian Staff Shashank answered kinds of the technical questions put forward by teachers and students.

In the whole lecture, teachers and students spoke eagerly and actively, interacting with the lecturer kindly and putting forward many questions and our engineers explained all kinds of questions in details. In the end of the lecture, the teachers and students of Oriental Institute of Science & Technology spoke highly of our company technical level and ability in the area of SCADA/DMS/RTU, moreover, they proposed that they wanted to visit our MP Distribution Project, and we happily accepted their request for visiting our project in their convenient time.

This expert lecture achieved complete success.

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