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 Phase I project of DFE Intelligent Park capped
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On June 2, 2012, Phase I project of “Dongfang Intelligent Park” of Dongfang Electronics Co., Ltd. has been capped smoothly. Xu Zhiguo, Deputy Party Secretary of Dongfang Electronics Co., Ltd., and leaders of the project designer, the general contractor, the steel structure contractor, and the supervisor attended the building capping and steel structure beam raising ceremony.

The cornerstone laying ceremony of “Dongfang Intelligent Park” project was held on February 28, 2012. In the following 90 days, mountains of works were completed, including approval and construction of temporary water and power supply, approval and construction of the road under planning, land surface clearing, earthwork excavation and transportation, site leveling, planning and lines laying, foundation trench excavation, foundation grouting, backfilling, main structure building, etc. During the construction, coordination with relevant departments was carried out to resolve the interference from the local authorities, which ensured the smooth implementation of the project. Four companies aforementioned offered effective communication and cooperation with our company, thus guaranteeing the smooth and orderly project progress. Furthermore, the constructor and the supervisor executed the contract seriously and carried out scientific and standardized management as well as responsible work, expressing their attitude of being responsible for Party A.

The company expressed their greetings to all workers working hard on the construction site, and encouraged them to do the construction work safely and efficiently and make sure to deliver on schedule.

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