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Sign Distribution Automation General Contracting Project in India
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On November 25, 2011, President Yang Hengkun attended the signing ceremony of Distribution Automation Reconstruction General Contracting Project held in the headquarters of Tamilnadu Electric Power Company of India with core members of the Indian Distribution Networks Project Team of our company. The project covers automation reconstruction of distribution networks in 7 cities, with an amount of about RMB 0.2 billion. Chief Engineer of Tamilnadu Distribution Company, relevant project personnel and technical personnel as well as specially appointed experts of Power Financing Committee (PFC) of India attended the ceremony.

At the ceremony, president of the Tamilnadu Distribution Company addressed that he was happy to have the chance to cooperate with Dongfang Electronics Co., Ltd. and he expected that Dongfang Electronics Co., Ltd. could share their abundant knowledge and experience in power sector with Tamilnadu to complete the project successfully. Furthermore, the president said that the success of the project depends on mutual efforts of both parties, so Tamilnadu would offer full cooperation and all-round assistance during project implementation and wished to found long-term strategic partnership based on this project.

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